Youth and Singles

Contrary to popular opinion, dating is an exercise, rather than a situation. It is a process, rather than a destination. It is an event, rather than a commitment. Technically, dating a person shouldn’t convey exclusive rights upon you where such a person is concerned, and vice versa. Dating, in its true sense, is the process of spending time in mutually enjoyable activities with another person to whom one feels an attraction, with a view to deciding whether or not to progress to a proper relationship.

Relationship and Marriage

Constantly being called upon to minister to Singles on Relationship matters as well as Couples on issues relating to Marriage, Kemisola is becoming more and more popular for her down-to-earth, practical approach and her ability to communicate effectively with whatever audience she's facing.

Basic/Biblical Sexuality Education for Pupils, Students and Parents

Kemisola's Basic/Biblical Sexuality Education talks seek to answer the questions that the generality of children and teens yearn to ask but are usually not bold enough to. She speaks at Primary and Secondary schools providing age-appropriate information to her audiences. Through her talks at Churches and non-church events, she hopes to counter the lies that society and the media are feeding our future generations.


Kemisola speaks at various events and functions, on a wide range of relationship-related matters and is always excited about any opportunity to do one of the things she does best: speak!